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Poker’s popularity today is nothing compared to what it was a decade ago. But still, people sign up in droves to play online for real money. You can still find hundreds, if not thousands of people at the A and B-list offshore sites.

But why online? What makes online poker so special?

Everyone’s answer will be different. My guess is convenience. You don’t have to travel hours by car or plane to play poker live. You can play from home, whenever you want, in your underwear.

Another thought is age. You only have to be 18 to play online, whereas most card rooms are 21+.

But me? I think everything is better about online poker. Let me show you why.

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Online vs. Live Poker – Why Online Poker is Better

There are several differences between online and live real money poker. These differences are why playing online is better.

More Tables

The first thing I noticed about live poker is how boring it can be. You’re always waiting on someone else, or a hand to play.

But not online. You still have to wait, sure, but you’re able to play many tables at once. While you’re waiting to act on one table, you have decisions to make on others.

Depending on the site, you can play as many as 25 cash tables, and usually unlimited tournaments. You’ll never be bored again.

Some sites offer fast poker formats.  These include Zone Poker, FastForward and Rush Poker.  These tables automatically move the player to a new table after folding.  If you choose these games, you will never have to wait for the next hand to start.

Smaller Stakes

Another difference is the amount of money you can buy in for. The problem with live venues is that they have overhead and can only seat so many players. So buy-ins are going to be $20-$40+ for MTTs, and you’ll never find a cash game under $1/$2.

Online you can deposit as little as $10. You can play cash games for as little as .01/.02 and MTTs for .10.

Unique Game Variations

Most live venues will offer real money Texas Hold’em, the most popular game.  Big poker rooms spread Omaha games now and then.

Online you’ll have access to real money poker variations like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, HORSE, and other game types.  This includes high/low games.

Learn Faster

The fastest way to learn is to get hands on experience. Playing live, though, you’ll play maybe 30 hands per hour.

Online? You can play 100+ hands per hour, per table. You’ll get experience at least 3x as fast, which means it won’t take years to improve.  You can double that speed buy playing multiple tables.

Make More Money

More tables and experience means that you’ll make money at a much faster rate. For those aspiring to become pros, that means going from micro stakes to high stakes in a matter of months, not years. For others, it means bringing in a healthy side income.

For these reasons online poker crushes live poker. The only downside to online poker is that you lose some of the social aspect. But that’s what poker forums are for.

What You Want in a Real Money Poker Site

OK, I think I got my point across; online poker is better. But which poker site should you join?

It depends, really, on why you’re playing and where you live. But since most players reading our site will play for fun, these are the things I recommend looking for.


Unlike most casinos games, you need other people to play poker. No people means no games. So you want to choose a site that has lots of players. Aim for 5,000+.  Just as important — make sure there is traffic to the games you want to play.

Good Software

Ask yourself a couple of questions. Does the software look good? Can you take notes? Does it work flawlessly?

You might also see if they allow 3rd party programs like hand trackers, hotkey programs and odds calculators.

Fish Friendly

You want to find a site that looks out for the (recreational) player’s best interest. That means offering things like:

  • Anonymous Tables – These tables ID players by numbers instead of names. The idea is to prevent sharks from ID’ing these players and preying on them.
  • Segregated Tables – These are tables that split up the good players from the weaker ones.
  • New Player Tables – These tables are for new players that just signed up to the site. For a limited time you can play at these (low stakes) tables to learn the rules and basic strategy. Once that time is up, you’ll have to play with the general population.
  • Ban 3rd Party Software – These sites don’t allow hand tracking or data-mining programs. The idea is to discourage grinders from joining / playing or preying on weaker players.

These are just some suggestions. Again, it will come down to what you want in a real money site.

Online Poker: Play For Real Money Today

Playing online poker for real money trumps live poker, hands down. You can choose from better games, software and promotions, all with a simple click of your mouse.

If you haven’t tried it today, you’re missing out. I recommend taking a look at our poker reviews of the top poker sites, and get to creating an account today.

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