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Western Union is a cash transfer service.  It started out as a company that delivered telegrams.  Its business model changed with the times as telegrams became obsolete.  Its services are used by people that need to send cash across the country or across the globe.  Agent offices are located in almost every country in the world.

Some people use the service to send funds to their home country, while others use it to pay bills or friends with cash.  It was once an extremely popular deposit and withdrawal option for U.S. online poker players.  This fizzled in 2016 after reports that Western Union was involved in knowingly processing offshore gambling transactions.  Sites that accept it these days as a form of payment have low limits.  It is often only accepted from players that are known to the site.

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How to Make a Western Union Poker Deposit

The first step in making a Western Union poker deposit is to get the receiver information from the site.  This will include a name, city, and country.  The next step is to decide how you would like to fund the cash transfer.  If you wish to deposit cash, go to the closest grocery store or check cashing counter.  To find the closest agent location, simply go to Westernunion.com and search by zip code.

There will be a form to send cash by Western Union at the customer service counter.  This form will ask for your name and address, as well as the receiver’s information.  It is important to give your real information.  That way the site can identify your transfer.  Also, if there is a problem, you can reclaim your money by showing identification.  If you give fake information then your money will be lost.

Another option is to make the transfer over the phone or on the Western Union website.  This requires a credit or debit card.  Western Union accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.  A transfer from a bank account may also be used to fund a Western Union transfer.

It is cheaper to initiate the transfer over the Internet than it is by phone.  The website will ask for your information.  If the transfer is made over the phone, the agent will complete the process.  A credit card transaction will incur cash advance fees from the bank.  Debit cards will have no such fee.

Western Union will give you a MTCN once the process is completed.  The poker site needs this number.  The cashier will usually have a place to enter this information.  If it does not, give the site a call or use their live support.

The fees at Western Union can be expensive.  Most poker sites will cover the fees with a minimum deposit.  That amount is usually $250 or $300.  Make sure to ask the site to find out their policy.  If the site covers the fee, it will be deposited into your poker account when the transfer is received.

How to Withdraw from a Poker Site by Western Union

Some poker sites that accept Western Union as a deposit option also offer it for withdrawals.  These are never free.  The fees are typically about 10% of the withdrawal.  The advantage is that Western Union withdrawals are processed in just a day or two.  Once the withdrawal has been processed, the poker room will provide you with the MTCN and sender information.

Western Union transfers may be received in several ways.  Cash may be picked up at an agent location.  There is a form to fill out that requires your information, the MTCN, and the sender’s info.  Western Union will also deposit this money directly in your bank account or place it on a debit card.

Poker Sites that Accept Western Union

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