Online Poker Payout Report

poker payout reportWe offer honest reviews of the most popular US facing online poker rooms and networks.  These include cashout speeds, which can be the most important factor when choosing a place to play.  There is always a risk when playing online poker from the US but we hope to help players choose one of the safest poker sites available.

US Online Poker Payout Ranking

Payment Grade
The largest online poker room catering to U.S. players is also the best at paying out players with consistently fast payout times.

Payment Grade
The flagship of the Horizon Network doesn't have a lot of traffic these days but pays players very quickly.

Payment Grade
BetOnline has quickly become one of the best online poker rooms for US players. They have some of the most reliable deposits and cashouts available.

Payment Grade
A part of the Winning Poker Network, Americas Cardroom pays players very quickly with Bitcoin deposits being the fatestest.

Payment Grade
Carbon Poker cashouts are slower than most other U.S. facing sites but have improved of late. We do not currently recommend playing at Carbon Poker.

Payment Grade
Juicy Stakes has had serious issues with payment processing in the past, but new management has turned things around. Still, they are below average.

Payment Grade
SWC Poker is a Bitcoin-only site. Players only have this deposit and withdrawal method, which is why it is given an average rating.

US Online Poker Payment Processing Report

Every month we release a payment processing report for the top US online poker rooms. We believe fast and reliable cashouts is one of the top indicators of a safe poker room. We cover each room’s withdrawal methods, any fees associated with the cash out, and an estimate on how long it will take to receive your funds.

Our February 2018 Report is Available Now

Why is US Online Poker Payment Processing Important?

For U.S. online poker players, payment processing is not just an important aspect of a poker room — it’s the MOST important part of a U.S. poker room. And for U.S. players, fast payments and reliable options should not be assumed, they must be proven by the poker room.

If a player can’t expect to be paid in a timely manner, nothing else about a poker room matters. When poker rooms don’t pay players in a timely manner, it could mean there are having cash-flow problems. It could mean player funds are being used for operational funds. A slow payment does not always mean that there is trouble for an online poker room, but it can be a signal that something isn’t right. Over time, we have learned to recognize some of the warning signs.

Safest Poker Sites Recommends

If you come away learning just one thing from this page, make sure you sign-up to a site that has reliable and proven payment processing.

US Poker Room Payouts

Not only is it important to know how your favorite online poker rooms are paying out in a timely manner now, but are they consistent? A previous issue can potentially signal possible future problems. Below is a detailed report of how online poker sites measure up against each other.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2002
Current Rank: 1st
Historical Average: A
Best Grade: A+ Feb 2017 (5 months)
Worst Grade: B (Dec 2012)
Ignition Casino Payout Report

Ignition Casino is the new version of Bovada Poker.  It is the largest U.S. online poker site.  Players can get Bitcoin withdrawals in amounts up to $9,500 in a day or two.  There is no fee for Bitcoin cashouts at Ignition Casino.  Checks and bank wires have a $50 fee and are processed in 1-2 weeks.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2003
Current Rank: 2nd
Historical Average: A-
Best Grade: A+ Feb 2017 (11 months)
Worst Grade: B+ (Aug 2015)
Intertops Payout Report

Intertops is the world’s oldest online sportsbook.  It is one of the fastest sites when it comes to paying players.  Bitcoin players may withdraw up to $2,500.  These arrive in about one day.  There is no fee related to Bitcoin withdrawals at Intertops.

Checks are available in amounts up to $3,000.  These are delivered in about one week.  The fee is $50.  Bank wires arrive in two to three weeks in amounts up to $2,500.  The fee is also $50.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2004
Current Rank: 3rd
Historical Average: A-
Best Grade: A Feb 2017 (15 months)
Worst Grade: B+ (Oct 2015)
BetOnline Payout Report

BetOnline is a member of the Chico Poker Network.  It offers checks in amounts up to $2,500 for a fee of $40. BetOnline sometimes processes checks as money orders. These arrive in about one week.

MoneyGram is available in amounts up to $300 for a $50 fee.  Bitcoin cashouts are processed in amounts up to $5,000. The fee is two percent for Bitcoin.  These are processed in about one day.

Players can receive a free check withdrawal or $50 off another options once per month on Fridays.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2001
Current Rank: 4th
Historical Average: C+
Best Grade: B+ (May 2016)
Worst Grade: D (Sep 2015)
Winning Poker Network Payout Report

The Winning Poker Network is operated by the same company that owns BetCris and, two of the most experienced and well respected online sports books in the world.  The skins that use the main Winning Poker Network cashier are Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker.  The network also acquired DoylesRoom before rebranding it.

Players may request a debit card for $40.  It arrives in 2-4 weeks.  Once the card is in hand withdrawals to the card are processed in 2-5 days.  There is a $4.95 fee for every withdrawal request and every month to hold the account open.  There is also a $3 fee for every ATM withdrawal.  That does not include the fee charged by the ATM owner.

Checks arrive in 1-2 weeks in amounts up to $2,995.  Players may receive one free check withdrawal each month.  Additional check requests have a $65 fee.  The Winning Poker Network also processes Bitcoin withdrawals for a 2% fee in amounts up to $5,000.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2007
Current Rank: 5th
Historical Average: C+
Best Grade: A- (Dec 2013)
Worst Grade: D (Sep 2015)
Merge Gaming Payout Report

Note: Merge Gaming no longer accepts new U.S. players.  Existing accounts are still open.

Aced, Carbon Poker, and Sportsbetting Poker all share the same Merge Gaming cashier.  Most players may only cashout by check.  The average speed is about three weeks.  There is no fee to withdrawal from Merge Gaming for the first time each year.  Additional withdrawals have a 3% fee.  The maximum check amount is $2,500. Some players have Western Union as an option in amounts up to $850.  The fee is 10% of the transaction.  These are processed in one to two weeks.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2009
Current Rank: 6th
Historical Average: C
Best Grade: B (Sep 2016)
Worst Grade: F (June 2013)
Juicy Stakes Payout Report

Juicy Stakes is on the Horizon Poker Network.  It once had the slowest U.S. online poker payment processing times.  It was then acquired by Zagox Management and speeds quickly dropped to well within a reasonable time frame.

U.S. players report check cashout speeds of about one week and have a $50 fee.  Players that rake $40 in a month can receive one free check each month.


Current Payment Grade

Year Launched: 2013
Current Rank: 7th
Historical Average: B-
Best Grade: B+ (July 2016)
Worst Grade: C- (July 2015)
SWC Poker is a Bitcoin-only site. They do not take any other banking method for deposits or withdrawals. The minumum deposit amount is 0.00001 BTC (0.01 Chips) with a wait time of 10-30 minutes for deposit to enter the account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.02 BTC (20 chips) and may take up to 12 hours to process. There is no withdrawal fee.