Boulder Station Poker Room

boulder station poker roomBoulder Station is owned by Station Casinos.  It spreads 11 tables in an enclosed area by the sports book.  There are only two walls in the poker room.  The other two sections are separated by glass.  The Boulder Station poker room banned smoking in 2013, making it the second-to-last poker room in Las Vegas to do so.  Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur is the only poker room in Las Vegas that still allows smoking at the tables.

Boulder Station Cash Games

Boulder Station is the home of Omaha High in Las Vegas.  It is spread at $4/$8 limits.  The game plays much bigger than a standard $4/$8 limit game does.  There is always thousands of dollars in chips on the table and the average pot can run well over $100.  It is easily the wildest limit game in Las Vegas.  Players will often need the nuts to win and expect raises on previous streets while trying to make it.  This game runs 24 hours a day.

Players will often find $2/$4 and $4/$8 Limit Hold’em 24 hours a day.  There may be a single $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em game during peak hours with buyins of $50-$300.  There is a special $1-$6 Seven Card Stud spread limit game on Thursdays at 3pm.

Boulder Station Poker Rake

The rake at Boulder Station is 10% up to $4 for all cash games.

Boulder Station Tournaments

Boulder Station does not spread any tournaments.  Sam’s Town is located just south of it and spreads three tournaments each day.

Boulder Station Poker Promotions

Players earn $1 per hour when clocked in with the Station Casinos Boarding Pass.  These comps may be used at any Station Casinos food outlet, bowling alley, movie theater, gift shop, or hotel.

There is a bad beat jackpot in Texas Hold’em that pays $40,000 to the loser, $20,000 to the winner, and $1,000 to every player at the table at the time the hand hits.  The qualifying jackpot hand starts at aces and lowers one notch until it hits.  Quads must use pocket pairs.  Straight and royal flushes must use both hole cards.

Texas Hold’em players win high hand bonuses for four of a kind and better.  The jackpots start at $20 and increase until hit.  Four of a kind requires a pocket pair.  Straight and royal flushes must use both hole cards.  On Monday and Thursday, there is a $500 bonus for flopping quads with a pocket pair.

Omaha players have a separate bad beat jackpot.  A player that loses four of a kind jacks or better releases it.  Quads require a pocket pair.


The crowd at Boulder Station is working class.  The games are looser than most locals casinos, especially the wild Omaha game.  The dealers are competent.  On the other hand, we have had trouble with unhelpful floor people.  The Bravo Poker system is used to track waitlists and player comps.

Boulder Station Opinion

Boulder Station is a unique locals poker room that serves its purpose.  It is the largest on Boulder Highway.  Players looking to enjoy the wild Omaha High game will want to visit this poker room.  Otherwise, there is little reason to visit Boulder Station for the purpose of playing poker.