Caesars Palace Poker Room

caesars palace poker roomThe Caesars Palace poker room is downsized from what most players will remember.  There were once more than 50 tables in the Caesars Palace poker room.  This space was acquired by the former Pure Nightclub, now known as Omnia, after it reopened in 2015.

The poker room was once buried in the back of a hallway behind the Pure Nightclub.  The room was relocated by the sports book.  It now spreads just 16 tables.

Caesars Palace Cash Games

Caesars Palace only spreads one regular cash game.  It is a $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game.  The buyin range is $100-$300.  A rare $2/$5 game is available on busy weekends.  Players may buyin from $200-$1,000.

Caesars Palace Poker Tournaments

Caesars Palace offers three daily No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments.  The 10am tournament is $80+$20 and starts with 8,000 chips and offers a $1,500 guarantee.  The 2pm event is $100+$25 and starts with 10,000 chips and spreads a $2,000 guarantee.  The 8pm game is $120+$30.  It starts with 12,000 chips and has a $4,000 guarantee.  All tournaments have 20 minute levels.

Caesars Palace Rake

The Caesars Palace poker room rakes 10% up to $4.  This is a change from the previous management that used to take a $5 rake.  This is the lowest rake in the Caesars Entertainment system in Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace Promotions

Players earn $2 an hour in comps on their Total Rewards card.  Comps are loaded directly to the players card and may be used for food, entertainment, and hotel at any Caesars Entertainment property.  There are no more high hand promotions.  This is due to the fact that the $1 drop is no longer taken at Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace does not offer a discounted hotel rate for poker players.  This is true of all Caesars Entertainment poker rooms.


All Caesars Palace tables have automatic shufflers.  The dealers are all experienced.  The tables and chairs are among the newest in Las Vegas and sport the World Series of Poker logo and website domain.  Players can view the sports book from most seats.  Those that can’t are able to view the games on the more than 20 televisions located throughout the poker room.  Drink service is exceptional in the Caesars Palace poker room.

Food Options

There is a food court located by the parking deck.  Otherwise, players may order food directly to the table.  Keep in mind that prices are inflated, even compared to other casinos.

Caesars Palace Poker Room Opinion

We like the Caesars Palace poker room now more than ever.  The previous back room of poker was not conducive to attracting passersby.  The new room is.  We also like that the rake has been dropped to a cap of $4 and the jackpot drop is gone.  This makes it the best deal on the Strip.

The game quality is probably a little better at Caesars Palace than these other rooms.  While Caesars Palace is not the top room in town, No Limit Texas Hold’em players should enjoy the new setup.

Caesars Palace charge for parking. Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars players receive free parking. Locals do, too.