Club Fortune Poker Room

club fortune poker roomClub Fortune is a small locals casino in Henderson.  It is located on Racetrack Rd, just east of Boulder Highway, minutes from downtown Henderson.  It is the closest poker room for residents in that city’s downtown area.

The Club Fortune poker room spreads five tables.  It attracts a small group of local players.  This creates a friendly game.  The poker room opens at noon daily.  It tends to go dark in the late evening hours.

Club Fortune Cash Games

The poker room opens daily at noon with a $.50/$1 No Limit Texas Hold’em game.  This is a rare find in Las Vegas.  Players may buyin for $20-$200 in this game.  That game lasts until at least 2pm.  At that point, a $1-$6 spread limit game goes with two $1 blinds.  Weekends occasionally see a $1/$2 no limit and $3/$6 fixed limit game.  All games at Club Fortune are Texas Hold’em.

Club Fortune Poker Rake

Club Fortune rakes 10% up to $3.  It is one of the few rooms that rakes quarters.

Club Fortune Poker Tournaments

There is a $21+$9 daily tournament at 2pm.  On Monday at 7pm, there is a $34+$11 bounty tournament.  The Monday tournament includes a $100 bounty on the poker room manager.  On Wednesdays at 7pm, it is a $54+$11.

Club Fortune Promotions

Players that open the poker room at noon receive $5 an hour in comps until 2pm.  This game is generally $.50/$1 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  Players earn $1 an hour during other times of the day.  This may be used for food at Carl’s Deli, which is open 24 hours a day.  This is a typical Las Vegas café.  Pizza is also available.  There is on hotel at Club Fortune.

Thursdays and Fridays offer a $100 bonus for players that make a winning flush in all four suits using two hole cards.  On Thursday, hands of four of a kind and better win $222.  This amount is tiered on other nights.  Club Fortune takes a $1 jackpot drop to fund these promotions.

The first 30 players that give 20 hours of cash game action in a two week period qualify for a $1,000 freeroll.  Players start with 4,000 chips and must be present by the end of the first level or the seat is forfeited.  There are no alternates.  Every hour over 20 awards an additional 100 tournament chips.  A $5 dealer add-on receives an additional 1,000 chips.  A player that brings in a canned food item that is not expired will receive an additional 500 chips.  The freeroll is held every two weeks.


The Club Fortune poker room is a small friendly joint.  All of the players know each other and the staff.  It is more like a home game.  The room is almost completely walled in.  This keeps the smoke and noise out.  There is a coffee bar and hot dog machine that are free to players.  All waitlists are tracked on paper as the Bravo Poker system is not used here.

Club Fortune Poker Room Opinion

Club Fortune’s poker room is very small.  If you are looking for a friendly place in Henderson to play and get to know some local players then it will suffice.  This is not a room where serious poker action takes place.  Players looking for bigger games will need to head to Green Valley Ranch or Boulder Station, the two closest casinos with regular no limit games.