Flamingo Poker Room

flamingo poker roomThe Flamingo spreads one of the longest running poker rooms in Las Vegas.  It is owned by Caesars Entertainment and spreads 10 poker tables.  The casino is located just north of Flamingo Road on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip.  The resort is owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Flamingo Cash Games

The main cash game at the Flamingo poker room is $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  Players may buyin for any amount between $100 and $300.  This is standard for all Caesars Entertainment poker rooms.

Flamingo also spreads regular limit games.  This is unusual for a small Las Vegas Strip poker room.  Players will often find a $2/$4 or $3/$6 Fixed Limit Hold’em table.  During peak hours, there may be multiple tables available.

Flamingo Poker Rake

The Flamingo poker room rakes 10% up to $5.  This is normal for the Las Vegas Strip. Players looking for $4 rake should play at Caesars Palace.

Flamingo Poker Tournaments

The poker room at Flamingo offers five No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments each day.  At 10am, 1pm, 6pm, 9pm, and midnight, the buyin is $44+$16.  Players start with 5,000 chips and limits go up every 15 minutes.  The midnight tournament is one of the latest daily events in Las Vegas these days.

Flamingo Poker Promotions

The Flamingo poker room takes $1 out of cash game pots to fund several promotions.  Players that give at least 13 hours of cash game action each week qualify for a $5,000 freeroll held every Friday. Players that reach 26 hours receive an additional freeroll entry on Saturdays.  Prizes include cash and World Series of Poker seats,

High hand bonuses consist of $50 for four of a kind, $100 for a straight flush, and $300 for a royal flush.  Four of a kind hands require a pocket pair.  Straight flushes and royal flushes require the player to use both hole cards.

Cash game players earn $1 per hour in comps when clocked in with a Total Rewards card.  These may be used for food, hotel, sundries, or anything else sold within any Caesars Entertainment property.


The Flamingo poker room is situated on the southern wall of the resort.  There is a bar on the far wall and two other ones make up the border.  The rail faces the northern side of the room.  Tables located in the rail may be subjected to more cigarette smoke than others.  The active tables are often located along the eastern wall, away from the smoke.

Many of the dealers at Flamingo have been at their jobs for decades.  All tables have automatic shufflers installed.  The Bravo Poker system is used to manage cash game tables and tournament clocks.

Flamingo Poker Room Opinion

While there are a few locals that hang out in the Flamingo poker room, most of the action is given by tourists.  This makes the games juicy.  Many local poker players will not play at Flamingo due to its oppressive $5 max rake.  Serious players ignore this issue, assuming that other winners will avoid the room for this same reason.

Flamingo charges for parking.  Locals and players with a Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars tier receive free parking.