Golden Nugget Poker Room

golden nugget poker roomThe Golden Nugget poker room spreads the largest number of tables in downtown Las Vegas.  There are 13 tables in this room that is separated from the casino floor.  The Golden Nugget poker room is enclosed by three walls with an opening for two entrances into the room.  There is one by the podium and another in the area where tournaments are dealt.  This makes the room quieter than most.  It also helps keep the room relatively smoke free.

Common Golden Nugget Cash Games

Golden Nugget spreads two cash games.  There is a $2/$4 fixed limit Texas Hold’em game and a $1/$2 No Limit game.  The minimum buyin in the fixed limit game is $20.  The no limit game has a $100 minimum buyin.  There is no cap at No Limit Hold’em, making it play bigger than most $1/$2 games in Las Vegas.

Golden Nugget Poker Tournaments

There are two $65 daily No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments.  One is at 11am, while the other is at 7pm.  The buyin is $65 with $48 going to the prize pool.  Players start with 9,000 chips.  Levels are 15 minutes for the first two hours.  Limits are 25 minutes for the next three levels.  All levels after that are 35 minutes.  Reentry and late registration are allowed during the first two hours.

There are two $45 daily tournaments.  One is at 3pm, while the other is at 10pm.  Only $30 goes to the prize pool.

The Sunday 11am tournament is replaced by a $125 buyin with $100 going to the prize pool.  There is an optional $5 add-on for the dealers in this tournament, also.  The starting chips are the same.  The levels are 20 minutes for the first eight levels.  The next three levels are 30 minutes, while the remaining levels are 40 minutes.  This Sunday morning tournament has a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Grand Series of Poker

The Grand Series of Poker is held every summer.  Two events are spread each day at noon.  One event is always No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The other is a different game.  These include Fixed Limit Hold’em, Omaha High/Low, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, Triple Draw, mixed games, and Badugi.


Golden Nugget rakes 10% up to $4 in cash games.

Golden Nugget Poker Promotions

Players win cash for making a high hand.  Four of a kind wins $100.  A straight flush pays $250.  A player making a royal flush wins $599.  Players win double on four of a kind and straight flushes between 2am and 2pm.  Four of a kind requires a pocket pair.  Players that give four hours of cash game action receive a $10 food voucher.  Players earn $2.50 per hour in food comps that caps at $10 per day.  Golden Nugget takes $1 out of the pot at $10 to fund these promotions.


The Golden Nugget poker room draws a variety of players of all skill level and background.  The uncapped buyin for no limit draws deep action that short buyers will not enjoy.  Some players sit with $1,000 and bully others throwing chips around.  This can be great for those that pick the right spots.

The poker room is quiet and smoke free.  There are automatic shufflers.  All seats have phone chargers embedded in the table.  Chairs and tables are modern.  One item missing is Bravo Poker.  Waitlists are kept on paper at the podium.

Food Options

Golden Nugget offers a deli by the sports book.  There is also a buffet and standard Las Vegas cafe.  A Starbucks is available near one of the Fremont Street entrances.  The other dining options border on the upscale side.

Golden Nugget Poker Room Opinion

The Golden Nugget poker room is the best downtown in terms of action and game selection.  It spreads more games than the other downtown rooms combined.  If you are staying on Fremont Street, it is by far the best choice.