Luxor Poker Room

luxor poker roomNotice: The poker room at Luxor will close on June 18, 2017.

The Luxor is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip between Mandalay Bay and Excalibur.  Its casino is shaped like a pyramid with a light on top that can be seen from space.  The Luxor, opened in 1993, has seen far better days.  It is on the low end of MGM Resorts’ Las Vegas casinos.

The Luxor poker room spreads nine tables.  It is located on the west end of the property by the parking deck entrance and the sports books.  It is not walled in at all.  This allows the noise from the sports book and smoke from the casino floor into the room.

Common Luxor Cash Games

The only regular cash game that you will find at Luxor is $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The buyin range is $60-$300.

The room has spread some Omaha games in the past when there were promotions for them.  As soon as the Omaha promos stopped, so did the games.  Luxor will deal any flop game if there is enough interest.  An occasional limit Hold’em game is spread before noon.

Luxor Poker Tournaments

Luxor offers two No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments each day.  The buyin for each event is $32+$13.  This makes its juice among the worst in Las Vegas.  Players start with 5,000 chips and levels are 20 minutes.  Late registration and reentry are available through the first hour.

Luxor Poker Rake

Luxor rakes 10% up to $4 for all cash games.

Luxor Poker Promotions

Luxor offers high hand bonuses.  Four of a kind wins $100.  A player that makes a straight flush will win $200, while a royal flush pays $500.  All high hand bonuses are paid in chips.  Players must have a pocket pair for four of a kind and must use both hole cards for straight and royal flushes.

A player that loses aces full or better wins the bad beat jackpot.  Both the winner and loser must use both hole cards.  The bad beat starts at $2,500 and goes up each day, depending on the jackpot drop.  The loser of the hand gets 30%.  The winner of the hand gets 20%.  The other 50% is divided equally among all cash game players in the poker room at the time.

Graveyard players receive three daily drawings.  Entries are earned for every hour of action starting at 2am.  There are drawings at 6am, 7am, and 8am.  Players win $100 if their ticket is called.  Players must be present to win.  The cash is rolled over into the next hour if the winner is not present.

After 8am, cash game rake for limit games is reduced to $1.  This has helped draw a limited amount of Fixed Limit Hold’em during the morning hours.  Players that give at least five hours a day in action receive 25% off the standard hotel rate.

All limit game players earn $3 an hour in comps.  No limit players earn $2 an hour.  An MLife card must be presented while playing to receive comps.  These may be used for food, entertainment, and hotel.  Comps may be redeemed at Excalibur or Luxor.

A $1 jackpot drop is taken to cover these promotions.


The Luxor poker room offers an average ambience.  It is adjacent to the sports book, a big plus for sports bettors.  The tables and chairs are average.  All tables have automatic shufflers and operate on the Bravo Poker system for waitlists and player hours.  The games are of average quality, often offering a mix of locals and tourists.

Food Options

There is a deli steps away from the poker room.  Players may use comps at Excalibur where there is one of the largest food courts in Las Vegas.  A variety of fast food, including McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, as well as a variety of specialty outlets are available there.  Luxor and Excalibur also offer a few higher end restaurants.

Luxor Poker Room Opinion

The Luxor poker room is adequate for players looking for a $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em game.  The promos are also decent here.  We recommend avoiding the tournaments due to the horrible rake.  Players that do not find the game they are looking for available at Luxor should take the short walk through the corridor connecting it to Excalibur to see if that poker room as any action.  The Bravo Poker app will also display nearby games.

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