MGM Grand Poker Room

3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd 702-891-1111
General Info
Poker Tables
Rake up to
10% up to $5
Other Casino Features: MGM Grand has many amenities aimed at younger patrons, including the Level Up Lounge and night clubs.
Pros & Cons
  • Quieter than most poker rooms
  • Smoke not usually a bother
  • Action 24 hours a day
  • Jackpot drop can be $2
  • Higher limit games no longer spread
  • Long walk from parking deck and bathrooms

The MGM Grand poker room was once among the most popular in Las Vegas.  It was forced to move its location within the casino due to an order from the fire marshal.  The area must be available as a fire exit for the crowds that frequent Hakkasan.  Its new area does not have the foot traffic once available to the old room.  The room was also moved several times in 2013 and 2014, adding to the confusion.

There are 13 poker tables in the MGM Grand poker room.  It is newly remodeled.  There are new felts on the tables and new chairs for players.

MGM Grand Casino and Poker Room Photos

MGM Grand Cash Games

The main poker game at MGM Grand is $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  The buyin range is $100 to $300.  The other common game is $3/$6 Fixed Limit Hold’em.  There is a $2/$5 No Limit Hold’em game every now and then, but it does not run anywhere near as often as it used to at MGM Grand.  The dealers are experienced and happy to spread mixed games and Chinese Poker if there is enough interest.

MGM Grand Poker Tournaments

There are at least three daily No Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments.  At 11am, there is a $50+$20 tournament.  There are unlimited rebuys during the first two hours.

There is a $35+$10+$5 tournament every day at 2pm.  There is a $50+$20 every day at 7pm.  Sunday through Thursday, there is a $35+$15 tournament at 10pm.  As you can see, the rake is excessive for these tournaments, even by Las Vegas Strip standards.

MGM Grand Promotions

The MGM Grand was once one of four Las Vegas poker rooms that didn’t take a jackpot drop.  That changed in 2013 when the room began declining after several relocations.  It now drops $1 per hand.

The new jackpot drop goes towards several promotions.  There are eight drawings per day.  Players receive tickets based on hands that make a flush or higher during a four-hour period.  The drawing is at least $200, depending on the hand and time of day.

There is also a $10,000 freeroll each week for players that put in at least 15 hours of cash game action.  Players get 5,000 chips for the minimum amount.  Every 15 hours of additional play receives another 5,000 in chips.

MGM Grand will give players a $3 valet token for a tip.  This helps attracts more locals.  Players earn $1 per hour in comps that may be used towards food and massage.

Players that give at least four hours of cash game action on average during a stay receive 15% off the standard hotel rate.


The MGM Grand poker room is nowhere near as exciting as it once was.  The energy was zapped out of it when it was forced to move and it just has not ever been the same.  It serves its function as a small poker room with a standard no limit and fixed limit game.

The dealers are all experienced.  The room is spacious.  All tables and chairs are new and comfortable.  Automatic shufflers are installed in all tables.  The poker room uses the Bravo Poker system for waitlists and to display available games.

Food Options

There is a food court towards the rear of the casino.  Players can enjoy McDonald’s, pizza, Chinese, and other options.  There are a many higher end restaurants available.  Comps may be used at any of them.

MGM Grand Poker Room Opinion

What We do not like about MGM Grand

The poker room at MGM Grand is not the hotspot it once was.  This leaves our opinion lower than we ever would have thought.  It is just fine for players looking for some small stakes action.  Players looking for bigger games will need to go to Aria or Bellagio. The biggest drawback is that the casino charges for parking, even for locals.

MGM Grand Poker Room FAQ

What cash games are spread at the MGM Grand poker room?

MGM Grand spreads $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em as it s main cash game, with $3/$6 Fixed Limit Hold’em being the other.

How many cash games typically run at night at MGM Grand?

MGM Grand offers games 24/7, with most of the action at night with 2-3 games.

What is the Rake at MGM Grand Poker Room?

The rake at the MGM Grand poker room is 10% up to $5 for all cash games.

Does MGM Grand spread poker tournaments?

Yes. MGM Grand has three daily NL Texas Hold’em tournaments; 11am, 2pm, and at 7pm.

Do players earn comps while playing poker at MGM Grand?

Yes. Players earn $1 per hour in comps that may be used towards food and massage.

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