Monte Carlo Poker Room

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The Monte Carlo poker room closed on April 25, 2017.

The Monte Carlo is an MGM Resorts property.  It spreads eight tables towards the rear of the casino by the sports book.  It is an actual room that is completely separate from the casino floor by three walls, except one table, which is completely outside the room.

Monte Carlo Cash Games

There are two standard games at the Monte Carlo poker room.  One is $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em.  It offers buyins between $100 and $300. There is also a $2-$6 Spread Limit Hold’em game that essentially plays like a $3/$6 limit game except that the blinds are $1 and $2.  The minimum buyin for this game is $20.

Monte Carlo’s advertisements state that it spreads $1/$3 and $2/$5 No Limit Hold’em.  We have never seen these games run there.

Monte Carlo Poker Tournaments

There are four poker tournaments each day at Monte Carlo.  There is a $36+$14 tournament at 9am.  Players start with 4,000 chips.  Levels are 20 minutes.  On Wednesdays, this tournament has an additional $10 bounty.

There is a $26+$14 tournament with $20 rebuys daily at 2pm.  This tournament is also spread at 11pm.

At 6pm, there is a $44+$16 tournament with an additional $5 dealer addon.  That makes the rake 48% in this tournament, among the worst of anything spread in Las Vegas.  On Wednesdays, this tournament also has a $10 bounty, which lowers the juice 5%.

Monte Carlo Rake

The rake at Monte Carlo is 10% up to $4 for all cash games.

Monte Carlo Promotions

There is a high hand bonus every half hour starting at 9am.  It takes a flush to qualify.  If nobody qualifies, the promotion extends another half hour.  The house gives away $200 in high hands daily.  There is also a high hand of the day promotion.

There is an $8,000 freeroll held every two weeks.  Players that give 13 hours worth of action receive an entry.  Players earn a bigger chip stack by playing more hours.

All cash game players receive $1 an hour in comps.  These may be used at the food court where there is a Subway and McDonald’s, as well as other outlets, including pizza and chicken fingers.  Comps may be used at any restaurant on the premises, including the buffet.


The Monte Carlo poker room is quiet and smoke free as it is separated from the casino floor.  It is a short walk to the restrooms and sports book.  The poker room offers newer tables and chairs.  There are automatic shufflers in all tables.  The dealers are capable of spreading games without errors.

Monte Carlo Poker Room Opinion

If you want to play $1/$2 no limit or a lower limit spread game then Monte Carlo will suffice.  We especially like how the poker room is its own world, keeping noise and smoke out.  Most players will be satisfied with the Monte Carlo poker room.  Those that are not can walk over to Aria.  There is an enclosed walkway that connects the two casinos.  A tram will take players to Bellagio.

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