Palace Station Poker Room

2411 W. Sahara Ave 702-367-2411
General Info
Poker Tables
Rake up to
10% up to $4
Other Casino Features: Make sure to check out the 10x craps game, $5 3-2 blackjack and 100% video poker.
Pros & Cons
  • Close to sportsbook
  • Separate room keeps noise and smoke out
  • Low limit games
  • No high limit games
  • Not active 24 hours
  • Games tend to be tight

Palace Station is a locals casino owned by Station Casinos.  It is located just west of the Las Vegas Strip.  It is on the southwest corner of Sahara Avenue and Interstate 15.  It is a popular hotel to stay in for cheap as an alternative to Las Vegas Strip resorts.

There are nine tables in the Palace Station poker room.  It is located on the west end of the property by the sports book.  It is immediately on the left when entering from the parking deck.

Palace Station Casino and Poker Room Photos

Palace Station Cash Games

There are usually one or two games running at Palace Station.  While there is little action, the room rarely goes dark.  The most common game is $2/$4 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em.  There may be more than one of these tables running during peak hours.  Additional games include a $4/$8 Limit Hold’em game and spread limit that typically has $1 and $2 blinds and a $6 max bet.

Palace Station Poker Tournaments

Palace Station does not spread any poker tournaments.  It does not have enough players to pull them off.  Stratosphere is the closest casino to find poker tournaments.  It is just across the highway from Palace Station.

Palace Station Poker Promotions

There is a bad beat jackpot that pays the losing player $40,000, the winner $20,000, and every other player at the table $1,000.  The jackpot resets at quad aces and drops one hand every day that it does not hit.  Players with four of a kind must use a pocket pair.  Royal and straight flushes require the player to use both hole cards.

High Hand Bonuses

Palace Station also offers high hand bonuses.  These start at $20 and cap at $500.  There is a promotion on Monday and Thursday that pays a player with a pocket pair $500 if he flops quads.

Poker Player Comp Points

Poker players at Palace Station earn $1 an hour while clocked in with the Station Casinos Boarding Pass.  These comps may be used at any restaurants, gift shop, hotel, bowling alley or movie theater located inside any Station Casinos property.


Palace Station offers two quick serve restaurants.  There is a pizza place and a Johnny Rockets.  The 24-hour café offers great graveyard breakfast specials.  There is also an extremely popular oyster bar located at Palace Station.


The Palace Station poker room is very private and quiet.  Passersby would barely know it is there since it has just a narrow entrance.  Players in the room will not have to worry about any noise or smoke due to its secluded location.  Restrooms and the sports book are located in close proximity to the Palace Station poker room.

All tables have automatic shufflers.  The tables are a bit worn and the chairs are of average condition.  The staff is more than adequate dealing the mostly limit games that are spread in the room.  Nothing really stands out about the poker room.  Palace Station uses the Bravo Poker system for game management and comps.

Palace Station Poker Room Opinion

What We do not like about Palace Station

The Palace Station poker room is rather plain and boring.  The games are micro limits compared to most other Las Vegas poker rooms.  Unless you live nearby or are staying at the Palace Station hotel, there is little reason to play poker there.

Palace Station Poker Room FAQ

What cash games are spread at the Palace Station poker room?

Palace Station spreads only a few cash games, like $2/$4 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em and $2-$6 Spread Limit.

How many cash games typically run at night at Palace Station?

Palace Station usually has two to three cash games running each night.

What is the Rake at Palace Station Poker Room?

The rake at Palace Station is 10% up to $4 for all cash games.

Does Palace Station spread poker tournaments?

No. There are no poker tournaments spread at Palace Station.

Do players earn comps while playing poker at Palace Station?

Yes. Poker players at Palace Station earn $1 an hour in comps when using the Station Casinos Boarding Pass.

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