The Linq Las Vegas Poker Room

The Linq poker room closed again on August 6, 2016.

the linq poker roomThe poker room at Linq Las Vegas is the newest on the Las Vegas Strip. It opened on August 25, 2015. It closed in January 2015 but management decided to bring poker back to the casino.  It failed for a second time in August 2016, less than a year after it reopened.

The Linq is owned by Caesars Entertainment. The Linq was previous called The Quad. It was branded as Imperial Palace before that. It is located between Harrah’s and Flamingo on Las Vegas Blvd.

There are four tables in the Linq poker room. These are located by the south entrance of the property by the corridor that leads to the High Roller. This is the exact location of the O’Sheas poker room before the entire casino closed in 2012 and later relocated. Linq has room for two additional tables, which are in storage at this time, if business conditions warrant an expansion.

Linq Poker Room Cash Games

There are three main games spread by the Linq poker room. The one that most often runs is No Limit Texas Hold’em with a $1 small and big blind. The buy-in range is $50 to $300. There is 1/3 No Limit Hold’em game with a $100 minimum buy-in and no maximum. The Linq poker room will spread any other game if there is interest.

Linq Poker Room Daily Tournaments

There are four daily tournaments at The Linq poker room. The buy-in is $45 for each, with $31 going to the prize pool. The start times are 11am, 3pm, 8pm and 11pm.

Linq Poker Rake

The new Linq poker room has lower rake than its predecessor. The new room rakes 10% up to $4. The old room capped at $5. This matches sister poker rooms at Harrah’s and Caesars Palace.

Linq Poker Promotions

The Linq poker room takes $1 out of cash game pots to fund a high hand jackpot. A pocket pair that makes four of a kind wins $50. A straight flush using both hole cards wins $100. A royal flush using both hole cards takes home $200. The hand does not have to go to showdown to qualify.

Linq Poker Comps

There is no poker rate for the hotel. Players earn $1 an hour while playing cash games that may be used towards hotel or meals. Players that give even a minor amount of cash game action will receive mailers for hotel discounts or outright free rooms.

Our Linq Poker Room Opinion

The new poker room location at Linq is much better than the old one by the sportsbook. The poker tables are now visible in one of the highest traffic areas of the Las Vegas Strip. Passersby will see these tables and will be more likely to join them, especially in the chaotic nighttime hours. This was the recipe for the successful poker room at O’Sheas that Las Vegas poker players hated to see close when the Linq complex construction began in 2012. Players looking for good low limit poker should check the Las Vegas Strip’s newest poker room out.

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