Venetian Poker Room

the venetian poker roomThe Venetian poker room is the largest in Las Vegas. It spreads 59 tables. Venetian is the sister casino of Palazzo, both owned by Las Vegas Sands. The classic Sands Hotel and Casino sat on the same property. It was razed to make room for the Venetian Resort.

The Venetian is a five-star resort. It is an elegant hotel with a casino floor to match. The poker room is no different. Only Wynn Las Vegas can compete with the atmosphere of Venetian.

One unfortunate situation with Venetian is that online poker players hate the room. That is due to the fact that Sheldon Adelson is the founder and CEO of Las Vegas Sands. He has created a one-man campaign to destroy online poker in the U.S., claiming that he has some moral view against it, while at the same time operating a casino with a sportsbook that has mobile betting. This hinders Venetian’s ability to draw more players as many refuse to give it action.

Venetian’s poker room suffered in epic collapse in 2015.  Management raised the rake cap to $5.  Player comps dropped to $1 an hour.  Other perks were also lost, including Fiji bottled water, a coffee bar and lock boxes.  This caused the poker room’s traffic to drop in half over the course of a few months.

Venetian Cash Games

Players will always find $1/$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em with $100 to $300 buyin and $2/$5 with $200 to $1,000 buyins nearly 24 hours a day.

Pot Limit Omaha comes alive on weekends with $1/$2 blinds. The buyin range is the same as No Limit Texas Hold’em. Venetian will spread any mixed game if there are enough players, but there is rarely enough interest outside of these three games.

Venetian Poker Rake

Venetian rakes 10% up to $5.  The rake was increased on January 1, 2016 from $4.

Venetian Poker Tournaments

Venetian offers two No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments each day. At noon on Mondays through Thursdays, there is a $150 tournament where the house holds $15 and $12 goes to the dealer. Players start with 12,000 chips and levels are 30 minutes. This tournament has a $10,000 guarantee. On Fridays, the noon tournament adds a $50 bounty. On Saturdays, there is a $100 bounty added.

The 7pm tournament on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays is $125 where $15 goes to the house and $10 for the dealers. Players start with 10,000 chips and levels are 30 minutes. There is a $5,000 guarantee. This tournament is held the other days with bounties.

Players may reenter and late register for any tournament before the end of the first break. The Friday night tournament offers a $20,000 guaranteed prize pool and allows one rake free reentry. Players must have a players card from Venetian’s Grazie Club to enter tournaments.

Venetian spreads the Deep Stacks Extravaganza four times a year. Many tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em. There will often be Omaha High/Low, Pot Limit Omaha and mixed games.

Venetian Poker Promotions

Venetian does not take a jackpot drop so there are no high hands or bad beat jackpot promotions. Players earn $2 an hour when clocked in at cash tables. These may be used for food, which may be delivered to the table, and for tournament or hotel expenses. Massages may also be paid for with poker room comps.

Venetian offers players that give at least six hours of action a hotel discount. Weeknights are $129, while weekends are $179. Some busy weekends are blacked out from the poker hotel rate.


The Venetian poker room is spacious. There is ample room between the tables for players to maneuver and stretch. The seats are high end office chairs. The tables all come equipped with automatic shufflers. The Bravo Poker system is used to manage table waitlists. Players may swipe a players card to get on any cash game list.

The drink service is incredible. Dealers are experienced and the floor people are among the most popular and respected in Las Vegas.

Venetian Poker Room Opinion

We like everything about how the Venetian poker room operates. Our only issue is that Sheldon Adelson owns some of Venetian’s parent company and is CEO of the company. His political attempts to ban online poker without any debate to hurt his competitors are not something we can support. For that reason, we refuse to play at the Venetian poker room. If online poker is not a concern of yours, then you will probably be happy with what Venetian’s poker room has to offer.