Winning Poker Network

History of the Winning Poker Network

The Winning Poker Network started out as the Yatahay Network. The flagship of Yatahay was True Poker. It was once a standalone poker room. Several sports book skins were brought into the network over the years. These sports books include Betcris and Bookmaker. This made for some great games. U.S. players are accepted by the Winning Poker Network.

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  • Third largest U.S. facing poker room with growing traffic.
  • Excellent and consistent payment processing.
  • Relatively juicy games.
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Yatahay Software Lagged Industry

The Yatahay Network used 3D software that at one time was innovative. The problem was that the network did nothing to keep up with the times. The software became outdated and was a major turnoff to players. It was impossible to play more than one table and the software was extremely slow.

The network went through a major rebranding after it was acquired by Betcris, a well respected online sports book. It became the Winning Poker Network and introduced new software. This new software was sourced from the old Dobrosoft platform that was once used by Betcris through their Americas Cardroom brand, as well as several other sports books that were independent from Betcris.

DoylesRoom Bailout

The company that owns the Winning Poker Network has been known to help players on failed gaming sites. While most of these were sports books, there was one well known poker room that Betcris bailed out.

DoylesRoom was a well traveled online poker room. It started out on the Tribeca Tables Network. It then moved to Microgaming after Tribeca closed due to legislation in the U.S. that made it illegal for banks to process online gambling payments. DoylesRoom then left Microgaming for the Cake Poker Network after they banned U.S. players. It has been rumored that DoylesRoom left behind negative balances on all of those networks.

Betcris was able to acquire DoylesRoom through a deal with the Cake Poker Network. These players were moved to Winning Poker and their balances were preserved. Doyle Brunson, the namesake of the poker room, asked to have his likeness removed from the online poker room. The network granted his wishes and relaunched their Americas Cardroom brand. That is the same brand that used Winning Poker’s software in the past after being dormant since 2007. The poker room had moved to the Ongame Network months before U.S. players were banned by Ongame. The owners saw no value in marketing a brand aimed at U.S. players on a network that did not accept them so it closed. All players were paid when it ceased operations.

Small Game Selection

Most of the games offered on Winning Poker are No Limit Texas Hold’em. There are a few Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha High/Low games. The blinds normally do not go above 1/2.  There is an occasional table of Seven Card Stud or Seven Card Stud High/Low.  The limit is usually 1/2.

The main promotion on the network is TheBeast, which is a progressive jackpot type promotion that rewards high volume players. The network is also one of only two online poker rooms that use the dealt method for its promotions and bonuses. This means that a player does not have to contribute to the pot to receive credit for the hand.

While being a bit on the small side, the Winning Poker Network continues to grow.  It is now the second largest poker site that accepts U.S. players.  Its traffic has nearly doubled over the past couple of years.

Even though Winning Poker is small, it is one of the safest options for U.S. online poker players. It is backed by a large gaming brand that is among the most well respected in the world.

Rakeback vs. VIP

The Winning Poker Network offers players a choice between rakeback and a VIP program called Elite Benefits.  The rakeback percentage is 27% and the weighted contributed method is used.  Elite Benefits uses the dealt method.  The Winning Poker Network is the only online poker network that uses a different method for its rakeback program than its VIP.

Dealt Versus Weighted Contributed

Dealt and weighted contributed describe how rake is calculated in terms of player rewards.  The dealt method means that a player does not have to contribute any money into the pot to receive credit.  The rake is divided among all players that were dealt in the hand.  Weighted contributed bases the rake distribution on the amount each player contributed to the pot.  For example, if a six handed game saw three players contributed equally to a $3 raked pot and saw three players fold preflop without any contribution then the contributing players would receive a $1 credit each while the folding players would receive nothing.

Rakeback Rules

Winning Poker Network pays its rakeback players 27% weekly directly to their account.  There are deductions though.  Each deposit will carry a 7% deduction from rakeback.  Deposit bonuses are deducted, as are cash promotions not related to TheBeast or Bad Beat Jackpot.  The deductions are not dollar for dollar though.  Players only lose 27% of the actual deduction.  For example, a $100 bonus would remove $27 from a player’s rakeback.

Elite Benefits

There are six levels of Elite Benefits; Player, Rounder, Grinder, Veteran, Legend and Icon.  Players reach the Grinder tier at about $545 in monthly rake.  Rakeback at the Grinder tier pays 25-30% rakeback.  A player that feels they can rake $545 each month should be in the Elite Benefits VIP program and not rakeback.  While the rakeback may be slightly lower, there are no deductions from VIP payments.  A tight player will do much better under the VIP program as well due to the dealt method being used.

Players Can Move Once

If you choose rakeback because you feel you will be a lower volume player and end up giving more action than anticipated then you may move to the VIP program.  The same goes for a player that signs up thinking they will put in more volume and ends up raking below $545.  All you have to do is email player support.  This may only be done once.  After a player moves they are forced to adhere to that decision permanently.

BetOnline Poker Review
  • Third largest U.S. facing poker room with growing traffic.
  • Excellent and consistent payment processing.
  • Relatively juicy games.
You can read more in our BetOnline Review

Winning Poker Network FAQ

Does the Winning Poker Network accept US players?

The Winning Poker accepts most US players.

What states are banned at Winning Poker?

Winning Poker Network skins do not accept new players from Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Washington State or Washington D.C.

Who owns the Winning Poker Network?

The Winning Poker Network is owned by Betcris, one of the most respected online gambling companies in the world. The same company also owns Bookmaker.

What happened to the Yatahay Network?

The Yatahay Network became Winning Poker in January 2012.

What happened to Doyles Room?

Doyle Brunson asked for his name to be removed from DoylesRoom. It was rebranded as Americas Cardroom in 2011 and was moved from the Cake Poker Network to Winning Poker.

Can you get rakeback on the Winning Poker Network?

Winning Poker skins are allowed to pay 27% rakeback to players.  Players must request it from support.  This opts players out of the Elite Benefits VIP program.

Does the Winning Poker Network offer lottery sit and gos?

Yes, there are three-handed lottery sit and gos. These have a random prize pool.

When is rakeback paid at Winning Poker?

Players are paid rakeback every Wednesday for the previous Monday through Sunday.

What rakeback formula is used?

The weighted contributed method is used for Winning Poker rakeback. It distributes the rake taken from the pot to players based on the percentage of the pot that they contributed.

Should I choose Elite Benefits or rakeback?

Players that rake more than $545 per month will make more money on the Elite Rewards VIP program.

Can I move from Elite Benefits to rakeback or vice versa?

Players may move one time between Elite Rewards and rakeback.

What rake formula is used by Elite Rewards?

Elite Rewards uses the dealt rake method. Points are distributed equally among all players that were dealt cards. Note that this is different than rakeback, which uses the weighted contributed formula.

How are Rank Points earned?

Players earn Rank Points based at a rate of 5.5 for every $1 in tournament fees or dealt rake paid at cash games.

What is TheBeast?

TheBeast is a weekly points race where hundreds of players take home cash and other prizes. The week starts at midnight on Friday night.

Is there a Bad Beat Jackpot?

The Winning Poker Network no longer offers a bad beat jackpot.

How can I deposit on Winning Poker?

Winning Poker accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Western Union for deposits. Players outside of the U.S. may deposit using Neteller and Skrill too.

How can I withdrawal from Winning Poker?

Winning Poker offers debit card, credit card, Bitcoin and checks and for U.S. online poker withdrawals. Players receive one free check per month. Players outside the U.S. also have Neteller and Skrill available.

How long do withdrawals take?

Debit cards, Western Union, Neteller, Bitcoin and Skrill are processed in just a day or two. Checks arrive in about one to two weeks.


BetOnline Poker Review
  • Third largest U.S. facing poker room with growing traffic.
  • Excellent and consistent payment processing.
  • Relatively juicy games.
You can read more in our BetOnline Review