888 Launches New Poker Game

888 poker

There is a new game at 888. It is called “Flopomania.” It is a Texas Hold’em variant.

This game is geared towards recreational players. It removes any skill from the preflop and alters how the game is players post-flop.

Flopomania is available at six-max and full-ring tables. There is a button that moves clockwise, just as in a normal Texas Hold’em game. There are no blinds in Flopomania. Instead, there is an ante for all players. Two cards are dealt after this, starting with the left of the button.

Once the cards are dealt, there is a flop. There is no betting round before it. All players dealt cards see the flop. The betting starts at the left of the button and continues as normal when compared to a traditional Texas Hold’em game. Flopomania is dealt in a no limit format.

The removal of preflop betting adds an element to the betting in later streets. One way players attempt to determine what other players have is by considering the range an opponent will call blinds or raises before the flop.

Removing the preflop betting means all hands are in the pot when the first three cards are exposed. This makes it much harder to dismiss garbage starting hands. For example, a player with pocket queens can feel confident after seeing a flop that involves a small pair and another rag in a standard Texas Hold’em game. In Flopomania, a player may run into a hand that flopped a full house into a two-six offsuit. This drastically increases the luck element in Flopomania when compared to Texas Hold’em, which requires some adjustment for serious players.

There is also a game known as “Push or Fold Flopomania.” In this game, players may check or bet one time. Players facing a bet must fold or push. There is only one betting opportunity in this game. It starts before the flop.

Other Texas Hold’em Variants Similar to Flopomania

Flopomania has similarities to the game “Free Flop Hold’em” that is now spread at The Orleans poker room in Las Vegas. This game keep blinds instead of antes. Like Flopomania, Free Flop Hold’em does not have a betting round before the flop. The Orleans spreads Free Flop Hold’em in a 3/6 limit structure.

Ultimate Poker tested a game known as Two Street Hold’em. In this game, there was a bet before the flop. The only other betting round in the game came after the river. Ultimate Poker never launched the game. The company folded before it could ever get Two Street Hold’em live.

As the poker boom fades, operators must come up with ways to draw new players and retain existing ones. Increasing the luck element seems to be a way to combat sharks while at the same time keeping recreational players in the game longer.

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