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Affiliate Poker

Which Online Poker Affiliate Model Is Right For You?

Online poker rooms offer two ways to get paid for referrals. One is revenue share. This means that the affiliate earns a percentage of the rake generated by a player for the life of that account. The other is CPA. This stands for cost per action. That means a poker site pays a set amount […]

Online Poker Affiliates

Status of Affiliates in Regulated Online Poker

Online poker affiliates were a major factor in the online poker boom on the 2000’s. Affiliate marketing referred hundreds of thousands of players to poker sites last decade. Many of these portals operated by these marketers created content that poker players looked for in search engines. Many created communities with active poker forums. How Online […]

How To Attract Online Poker Players

How to Attract Recreational Online Poker Players

It is no secret that online poker game quality has suffered substantially over the last five years. Part of this has to do with the lack of Americans at the tables. Some of it can be attributed to natural attrition due to burnout and people cutting their losses. Traffic at many sites has declined as […]

Worst Online Poker

Worst Things About Online Poker

Online poker is a fun game but it is not without its negatives. There are some things about online poker that are just unsavory and hurt things for everybody. Safest Poker Sites prides itself on not being shy about telling things like they are. Here are some examples of what we consider to be the […]

Make Money at Online Poker

Winning at the Poker Table Isn’t The Only Way to Make Money at Online Poker

Are there ways to make money at online poker without necessarily winning? Poker is a game that combines skill and luck. The best players will find a way to win in the long term. Average players are able to make a profit at online poker through a variety of other methods. Here a few options […]

Why Players in Regulated States Play Offshore

Why Players in Regulated States Play Offshore

Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey each have regulated online poker. Each state’s casinos may spread games that are licensed by either the state gaming commission or lottery, depending on the jurisdiction. This has helped protect player funds and generate tax money for state government. Players mostly backed online poker legalization. When the actual product came […]

February 2018 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report

February 2018 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report

After a holiday break, Safest Poker Sites is back with its US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report. This is after massive fluctuations in Bitcoin prices that made some online poker sites rethink its payment processing on the cryptocurrency. This included slower cashouts at some rooms and Intertops removing Bitcoin entirely for a time before […]

When Online Poker Was Rigged

Sore losers throughout the years have accused online poker of being rigged. This happens when a player loses on the river or gets pocket aces cracked more often than he expects. Most players don’t understand that they see three or four times the number of hands per hour. This means that more bad beats occur […]

The Decline of Online Poker Bonuses

The Decline of Online Poker Bonuses

There was a time when a player could make a living by claiming online poker bonuses. These players were called bonus whores. There was even a website at in the early days of online poker that described the best bonuses available to players and how to take the best advantage of them. The online […]

The Death of Online Poker Bad Beat Jackpots

The poker boom introduced bad beat jackpots to the Internet. While these have been common for decades at live poker rooms, bad beat jackpots turned out to be one of the troubles that damaged online poker liquidity. At one point, most major networks offered an online poker bad beat jackpot. The exceptions were PokerStars and […]

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