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SWC Poker

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Pros and Cons

  • Fast payouts.
  • Unusual games like Courchevel, Badugi, Badacey and Badeucy.
  • Generous VIP program.
  • Rake is only 2.5%.
  • All transactions in Bitcoin.
  • Few players.
  • Site prone to technical problems.
  • No first deposit bonus.

Expert View of SWC Poker

SWC Poker is a Bitcoin-only site. It is the new version of SealWithClubs, one of the first Bitcoin poker sites. SealsWithClubs opened in 2012 and ceased operations in 2015. SWC Poker took over SealsWithClubs’ player pool and deposits about a month after the closure. All responsibilities were covered by SWC Poker.

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SWC Poker Summary

SWC Poker tablesSWC Poker is a poker site that only accepts Bitcoin.  It took over SealWithClubs in March 2015.  SealsWithClubs closed abruptly in February 2015 when Bryan Micon’s Nevada home was raided by state gaming agents. Micon was the site’s chairman. He was served with a search warrant pertaining to operating SealsWithClubs without a license and later pleaded guilty to a charge related to that.

SWC Poker honored all of SealsWithClubs’ obligations.  The transfer of the site was already planned.  The demise of SealsWithClubs sped up the process.

The traffic at SWC Poker is nowhere close to the levels it enjoyed at SealsWithClubs.  The widespread use of Bitcoin by popular sites is no doubt one of the reasons.

A Personal Opinion on SWC Poker

What I do not like about SWC Poker

There is very little traffic at SWC Poker.  The number of cash game players there averages less than 10 and peaks at less than 30, according to PokerScout.  This means that it can be difficult to find any games, especially at the unusual poker variants.  Players can lose money if the price of Bitcoin drops.  Security is not up to industry standards because players are permitted to have multiple accounts and not give personal information.

What Players Are Saying About SWC Poker

There was a lot of chatter about SealsWithClubs back when it was in business.  That was partly due to the presence of Bryan Micon, its chairman.  Once he left the group, promotion of it nearly ceased entirely.  Traffic collapsed and threads at poker forums dried up.  Here is what players say about SWC Poker these days:

“It doesn’t get any better than instant deposits/withdrawals and with no personal information required. If this site had more traffic no other site could touch it. SWCpoker needs more traffic, so come and play!”

PokerScout User

“Connection is mostly fine, but there’s ridiculous server lag at times.”

TwoPlusTwo User

“The lag can be worse when tournaments are going, but it’s an issue all the time. If you play any draw games it can be really obvious, as there are times when you discard cards and have to wait 4-5 seconds to get new ones. This happens even in the 4am doldrums.”

TwoPlusTwo User

SWC Poker Deposits and Withdrawals


Making a Deposit

There is only one way to deposit at SWC Poker.  That is with Bitcoin.  Players must acquire Bitcoin on an exchange before depositing at SWC Poker.

Making a Withdrawal

There is only one way to withdraw at SWC Poker.  That is with Bitcoin.  Withdrawals are processed in less than 12 hours.  Some arrive in less than an hour.

Notable Payment Processors
  • bitcoin
  • bitcoin

SWC Poker Safety

Focusing on Bitcoin, SWC Poker offers players a unique experience as well as some unique challenges. With the rise of Bitcoin, the value of accounts have increased while funds are stored in Bitcoin.

Although cashouts in Bitcoin continue to be very fast, the traffic at the poker room has not risen above comfortable levels. While we think that SWC Poker will continue to be safe, they have already been scrutinized by authorities and we’re not sure they are as safe as higher traffic alternatives.

Is SWC Poker Legit?

SWC Poker is legit as a Bitcoin only online poker option. Although some concerns are there, we think that SWC Poker will continue to be a reliable option for U.S. players.

SWC Poker Bonuses

SWC Poker does not offer a first deposit or reload bonus.

SWC Promotions

Players receive weekly rewards based on the amount of rake paid.  Players are awarded a Krill based on the formula of rake x 5 divided by the number of players dealt in the hand.  Players receive two Krill for every unit of rake paid when entering tournaments.  Awards include freeroll tickets and rakeback based on the following chart:

Krill Waves

Krill Title Reward
50 Daily Freerolls
100 Daily Freerolls
500 Floundering Seal Choice of Avatar & Chat Color
1,250 Baby Seal Weekly OverKrill Bonus Tournaments
2,500 Daring Seal 1% Rakeback
5,000 Adult Seal 2% Rakeback
10,000 Tricky Seal 5% Rakeback
20,000 Journeyman Seal 11% Rakeback
50,000 Sly Seal 19% Rakeback
100,000 Cunning Seal 27% Rakeback
200,000 Boss Seal 33% Rakeback
500,000 Shrewd Seal 38% Rakeback
1,000,000 Baller Seal 42% Rakeback
2,000,000 Sage Seal 45% Rakeback
5,000,000 Iconic Seal 47% Rakeback
10,000,000 Grandmaster Seal 50% Rakeback

Table Starter Rakeback

Players receive 50% rakeback when starting tables.  This is awarded to players giving action at a table with two or three players seated when there are six or more seats at the table.

Krill Leaderboard

The top 10 players in terms of Krill earned are awarded chips each week.  The leaderboard week runs from Monday to Sunday.  The payouts are:

  • 1st: 200 chips
  • 2nd: 150 chips
  • 3rd: 100 chips
  • 4th: 75 chips
  • 5th: 50 chips
  • 6th: 40 chips
  • 7th: 30 chips
  • 8th: 20 chips
  • 9th: 15 chips
  • 10th: 10 chips

SWC Poker Game Selection

There is very little action at SWC Poker.  Most of it is heads up.  There is usually a micro No Limit Texas Hold’em game running.  There may also be a Pot Limit Omaha game or a shorthanded non-Hold’em game.

Games Offered
  • NL Texas Hold’em
  • Limit Hold’em
  • NL Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Chinese Poker
  • Other Games
  • .01 / .02
    .02 / .04
    .05 / .10
    .10 / .20
    .25 / .50
    .50 / 1
    1 / 2
    2 / 4
    3 / 6
    4 / 8
    5 / 10
    10 / 20
    25 / 50
    50 / 100
    100 / 200
  • .04 / .08
    .10 / .20
    .20 / .40
    .50 / 1
    1 / 2
    2 / 4
    4 / 8
    5 / 10
    6 / 12
    10 / 20
    15 / 30
    20 / 40
    30 / 60
    40 / 80
    60 / 120
    100 / 200
    300 / 600
  • .02 / .04
    .05 / .10
    .10 / .20
    .25 / .50
    .50 / 1
    1 / 2
  • .01/pt
  • Pot Limit Omaha
    Omaha High/Low
    Big O
    Courchevel High/Low
    Seven Card Stud
    2-7 Triple Draw
    Dealer’s Choice
Items in red bold represent limits that have games running. Limits are in $USD.
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Has There Ever Been a Scandal at SWC Poker?

SWC Poker has always paid players.  It picked up the balances owed by SealsWithClubs when it closed.  There has never been a scandal at SWC Poker but it is related to a few major problems.

SealsWithClubs had two serious denial of service attacks during its life that took it offline for a week or more. All balances were restored when the site came back online.

SealsWithClubs had a legal issue in February 2015.  Bryan Micon, the site’s chairman, had his home searched by Nevada gaming agents.  He immediately left the country for Antigua.  Micon was indicted and worked out a deal with Nevada prosecutors that saw him receive no jail time and the ability to have the charges reduced to a misdemeanor upon completion of probation.

SealsWithClubs closed at the time of the search of Micon’s home.  SWC Poker opened about three weeks later.  All balances and accounts were transferred.


Is SWC Poker related to SealsWithClubs?

SWC Poker took over the SealsWithClubs player pool.

When did SealsWithClubs become SWC Poker?

SWC Poker launched in March 2015 with SealsWithClubs’ players and new software.

How do I deposit at SWC Poker?

Bitcoin is the only deposit option at SWC Poker.

How do I withdraw from SWC Poker?

Bitcoin is the only withdrawal option at SWC Poker.

How long does it take to get a withdrawal from SWC Poker?

Bitcoin withdrawals from SWC Poker take less than 12 hours.

Is there a first deposit bonus at SWC Poker?

There is no first deposit bonus at SWC Poker.

Is there rakeback at SWC Poker?

The VIP program pays rakeback based on the amount of rake paid in a week.

What rake method does SWC Poker use?

SWC Poker uses the dealt rake method.  This means a player must only be dealt in the hand to receive rakeback.

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