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Role of Affiliates Declining in Modern Online Poker

Role of Affiliates Declining in Modern Online Poker

Online poker affiliates were instrumental in the online poker boom last decade. These online marketers entered into referral deals with poker sites. Affiliates received a commission to send players to online poker rooms. It was based on either a percentage of the player’s rake paid or a flat amount when a certain deposit threshold was […]

Poker Sites That Have Bailed Out Players

Poker Sites That Have Successfully Bailed Out Players

Players typically lose all funds when a poker site fails. There are some exceptions to this: Player bailouts. There are poker sites and networks that were legitimate and properly capitalized that decided to exit the online poker industry after honoring all player balances. Networks that did this include IGT/Entraction, International Poker Network/Boss Media, Cryptologic, Planet […]

Online Poker Enemies

Online Poker’s Worst Enemies

Online poker has struggled in the United States. It is not just the legal landscape. Online poker has opponents in the gaming industry and even within the interactive one. These people want to prevent the regulation of online poker. These are online poker’s worst enemies. Online Poker Enemy #1 – Sheldon Adelson Sheldon Adelson is […]

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Is Online Poker Safer Today Than It Was In The Past?

Online poker is about 20 years old. It started out with zero regulation. Anybody that built a platform could spread online poker. This attracted incompetent operators and some that were outright thieves. Poker Site Failures The first major failure was Pokerspot. It was launched by Dutch Boyd. The site failed in 2001. The collapse was […]

Affiliate Poker

Future Catalysts for Online Poker Growth

It is no secret that online poker is on the decline. The main reason for this is the lack of U.S. players in the system. Another reason for the decline is that regulation in other countries separate players from the international player pools. These are not the only issues affecting online poker traffic throughout the […]

Regulated Online Poker

Best Model for Regulated Online Poker

Online poker regulation started last decade. It started with minor, mostly benign offshore gaming commissions. These groups were often based in small countries with little other industry outside of tourism. Some had no bricks-and-mortar gaming industry. Some governments did not approve of this lax control of gaming that accepted customers from their country and took […]

Online Poker affected by Black Friday

What if Black Friday Never Happened?

Black Friday occurred on April 15, 2011.  It changed online poker forever, especially in the United States.  That is because PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet were indicted for violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.  This blemished the impeccable reputation of PokerStars.  It also put an end to Full Tilt, Absolute Poker […]

November 2017 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report

November 2017 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report

Online poker payout speeds remained quick over the past month. The sports betting season has not slowed down poker withdrawals at all, except at one site that was already having trouble. The October 2017 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report may be found here. Last month’s grades are in parenthesis. BetOnline A+ (A+) BetOnline […]

Black Friday Online Poker Sites

Could Another Black Friday Happen?

Black Friday occurred on April 15, 2011.  It was the day that indictments were unsealed that charged PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker with illegal online gambling.  The prosecuting U.S. Attorney’s Office was in the Southern District of New York.  Preet Bharara led the investigation. PokerStars left the U.S. market immediately after Black Friday […]

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Low Limit Las Vegas Poker Tournaments

I played my first live poker tournament in years this week at Sam’s Town. It was a $40 tournament that drew about 30 people and ended up with 50 buy-ins. First place was $600. The competition was soft, and it got me thinking that maybe smaller poker tournaments may be worth paying the excessive rake. […]

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